Crinken Church

God's whispers

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled."

All Welcome
11:00am Sunday Praise
Please Come and visit us
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Our desire as a church family is that we would be a community of people who seek to share God's love in our neighbourhood and overseas. We want to love and serve God, who first loved us. We aspire to be a blessing to the community in which we live, and we hope to grow as followers of Jesus.

Location Map - How to find us

  • Sunday 17th May
    • Morning Praise 11:00
      Andrew Forster
  • Monday
    • Bowls 10:30am
  • Tuesday
    • On Route (2-4th class)
    • Signposts (5-6th class)
  • Wednesday
    • Prayer Meeting 8pm
  • Thursday
    • Kids, Youth, TNT
      Prayer Meeting 9-10am
  • Friday
    • Crinken Youth Club 3-6yr
  • Saturday
    • Crinken Youth Club 1-2yr
    • Young@Heart 11:00
  • Sunday 24th May
    • Morning Praise 11:00
Dates for your diary
  Apr 26 Gift Day
  May 9 Y@H 11:00
  May 23 Mens Breakfast